Saturday, February 23, 2013

Generic Garage Paper Model - by Papermau - Some Advances

 photo iuighgarage_zpsfdc85af9.jpg

Here are some advances of the Generic Garage Paper Model Diorama. I make some new acessories and also picked up some items from other models already published. There is also the option of making doors and windows with depth, cutting each one at a time or print it directly, which greatly facilitates the work, but the finish is not so cool.

 photo GARAGE0001_zps8ea6a339.jpg photo garagegyug_zpse7c63f9e.jpg

Aqui alguns avanços da Diorama da Garagem Genérica. Eu fiz alguns acessórios e também peguei várias coisas de outros modelos já publicados. Há a opção de montar as portas e janelas em relevo, cortando e montando uma de cada vez, ou imprimir tudo junto, o que facilita bastante a montagem, mas o acabamento não fica tão legal.

 photo GARAGE0003_zpsb65a1f6e.jpg photo GARAGE0002_zpsfa2bae45.jpg

 photo GARAGE0005_zps330ad2e8.jpg photo GARAGE0004_zps8ff1dcd5.jpg

Download very soon!

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  1. Only one small complaint-
    You do not have a "Mail Pouch Tobacco" advertisement or a "Burma Shave" , both are a must for creating a piece of classic Americana.
    I love your site,
    John Wagenseil

    1. Hello, John,

      Is a pleasure to me see you here! I am fan of your work too and i make some posts with models assembled by you. i don`t have this advertisements, but if you have it, you can send to me and I iclude in the model templates. My e-mail:

      Thanks for your words and for the visit!

      Greetings from Brazil!



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