Thursday, November 17, 2011

Star Trek`s Galileo II Shuttlecraft - by Joerg Stammen


PhotobucketA shuttlecraft, in the Star Trek fictional universe, is a smaller type of ship, usually capable of atmospheric transport, detachable from a larger starship's shuttlebay. Its role on starships is analogous to the use of naval helicopters on modern warships of the present day, as shuttlecraft often possess their own weapons and intelligence capabilities, and undertake a variety of missions—such as scouting/reconnaissance, search & rescue operations, and on a few rare occasions to fly ahead of the mother ship to provide forward navigational sensory data, map a safe flight path, and to provide course corrections to the mother ship. Most starships have shuttle bays for the launching and docking of shuttles as well as to serve as vehicle hangars, similar to the way large naval ships are often equipped with helicopter pads and aircraft hangars. - Wikipedia


Link: Star.Trek`

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